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H2A temporary agricultural workers visa and its requirements

The H2A Visa is one of the most used visa category for applying to USA. The reason is that visa has certain specific criteria and if you fulfill it then there are no reason whatsoever that they will reject you. People are focusing entering the other countries on temporary job basis have perfect opportunity to avail it. Defining H2A visa is basically a temporary work visa for overseas agricultural employees with a job proposal for periodic agricultural effort in the US. The H2A due to different relaxation in Immigration rules allows visa program to open to citizens of countries that the US Homeland Security has labeled as qualified to contribute and is revised once a year.


Those candidates who are applying with a temporary job offer for a non-agricultural industry may be qualified for an H2B visa to work in the US. A company that is putting up a request for provisional foreign labor documentation pursuant to H-2A rules must understand numerous precise conditions, comprising those regarding employment, wages or housing and also meals and transportation. This will also include workers’ advantage insurance, gears and provisions, certification dues, labor arguments and other factors.


What will be the standards for defining employer's suitability?

The overall classifications of persons or organizations may introduce foreign workers under the H2A visa:
  • The agricultural company who antedates a shortage of U.S. workers required to achieve agricultural labor or services of a provisional or seasonal nature.
  • The company may be a distinct proprietorship that is a partnership or an establishment. This may be a link of agricultural producers who have an agenda as a single employer, a joint employer with its associates or as an agent of its members.
  • An official agent whether a separate or an entity may file a request on the company behalf. 


What are the benefits for the H2A Visa?

The H2A visa allows the candidates to live and work properly in the US provisionally. An H2A visa is typically approved for an early period of 1 year and delays may be allowed. Life partner and unmarried children below 21 years may put on request for the appropriate derived visa like H4 visa to join the parents or loved ones in the US. In case your partners and children are allowed then they can study in the United States but are not allowed to start any work without obtaining an appropriate work visa.


What are the benefits of the H2A Visa?

  • The candidate can come to U.S. for provisional work and can use all employee welfares
  • The candidate dependents can stopover with you in the U.S.
  • The candidate can freely come and go from the U.S. on the H2A visa
  • You can change jobs if you can show a new job offer
H-2A employees and the U.S. labors employed under the job directive may put complaints about non-compliance with H-2A labor principles with a resident Wage and Hour Division office. ETA or any State Labor forces Organization will onward any protest received about promised H-2A labor.
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