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Guide for applying to F1 F3 family preference visas

The F1 and F3 Green Cards for USA are completely for family. These are commonly known as the first and third choice visas that offer legal permanent nationality to grown-up and married children of US residents. In case of USA visa there is always a boundary to the provided authorization of visas accessible in these categories each year, so there is typically a waiting time before a migrant visa opportunity comes up. Direct family affiliates, such as partners, father or mother and unmarried children below the age of 21 of US inhabitants may be entitled for an IR Green Card which is limitless and no coming up period needed.


Circumstances that may disturb the F3 Classification

There are shared circumstances that may definitely or harmfully disturb the position of a filed appeal first depending on the condition that the request has been forward or has been approved.  The maximum conditions affecting this visa are described below.


Petitioner's Death:

If the candidate dies before the I-130 request is accepted, the appeal is routinely canceled.  If the death ensues after the request is accepted, the legal son or daughter can reestablish the request by finding an affirmation of support like I-864 from a relative outside the close relative.  

Divorced Requester:

In case the USC requester becoming separated or widowed does not disturb the appeal.  Therefore, the wedded son or daughter and all near to close receivers are still green card entitled.


U.S. Citizenship Termination 

This is very rare case if the USC status as a U.S. resident terminates, the legal son or daughter and any near to close receivers will be unable to get their green card suitability.


What are the F1 and F3 Green Card Privileges?

The F1 and F3 Green Cards allow the adult and wedded children of US residents to reunify with their family and become legal perpetual inhabitants in the US. In count, an F1 Green Card owner's unmarried children and an F3 Green Card owner's spouse and open relation children may be allowed to escort or join them in the US forever.
US perpetual citizens are allowed to join any public or private school in the US, work in the US short of a visa or service approval document, move outside the US with few restrictions, benefactor close families for US permanent local and put on request for US nationality when appropriate to do so.


What are the F1 and F3 Green Card Requirements?

To be suitable for an F1 Green Card, the candidate must be the child of a US Resident, the condition of unwedded and be at the slightest of 21 years of age. To succeed in getting F3 Green Card, the candidate must be son or daughter of a US Citizen and married.


Death of the Beneficiary

If the wedded child deceases before or after the appeal is filed, irrespective of support, the appeal is spontaneously negated.  The next of kin and any unofficial child involving close relative beneficiaries on the appeal will no longer be qualified for a green card.
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